Challenge 3.

The small I-beam in the Debris footage had not been deciphered by anyone until Spyros revealed it on 24th September 2017 in his live show at The Leicester Square Theatre. He revealed in that show, what the small i-Beam actually said. Although he challenged the entire UFO community and Ray Santilli himself, no one was able to say. That's because no one else knew. 

Spyros invented the language that appears on the Debris Footage. The large one reads 'FREEDOM' in a stylised Greek text (ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ) and when turned upside down it reads ‘VIDEO..FEV’... interesting stuff right there, but the small i-Beam was yet to be deciphered. 

What's very cool is that word on the small i-beam has turned out to be a prediction, written in 1995 and very widely publicised and recorded as 1995 when the film was released, and yet it predicts a very prominent modern day issue.  That alone deserves a round of applause as a prediction by any magician.  The origination of the name on the small i-Beam was from ancient Egypt. It is in fact the name of the Goddess Isis. The word ISIS today has a very sinister association.  It was not Spyros's intention, but a freaky revelation nonetheless.
Since the film was released in 1995, the film has been known as the Santilli film, by virtue of the fact that Ray Santilli was the person who sold the film to broadcasters around the globe. He was the person who was in the public eye. Spyros Melaris and John Humphreys were invisible, having worked together to make the film. John later came out and told his story that he sculpted and made the body of the alien that was featured in the film. That part is true. What was not revealed until very recently was that John Humphreys worked for Spyros on the project. Spyros was the kingpin who put the whole thing together. Spyros is the only person in the small crew who knows every aspect of the film. No other person was involved in all parts. That is why you will not see John Humphreys, or Ray Santilli, or anyone else who was involved answering any of the finer detail in the film, THEY SIMPLY DON'T KNOW.


The 'i' on this Small Beam is partially broken

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 SPYROS MELARIS - 'The Alien Autopsy' Film

The Larger Beam says 'FREEDOM' in Greek, one way, and VIDEO - FEV the other (as shown here)

Challenge 4.

Ray Santilli told the world that he had purchased the Alien Autopsy film from a man who had supposedly told him that he was a military cameraman in the US Army/Airforce in 1947, and that he filmed it in Roswell, New Mexico. Santilli needed a filmed interview with the alleged cameraman, but the man didn’t exist. Spyros was asked to create a film in total secrecy, to depict a filmed interview with the cameraman answering questions as posed by various people and TV Companies around the world. Spyros went to America and filmed an interview in a motel room with a man he found sleeping rough in Los Angeles.  The man turned out to be an actor from yesteryear. Gary Shoefield was also in LA as a chaparone. They took the man to a motel where Spyros shaved and made him up using prosthetic make-up. He filmed the interview pretending to be the cameraman's son.  Spyros was the only person who knew the identity of this man.  Again, Spyros asked the UFO community, and especially Gary Shoefield and Ray Santilli to reveal the identity of the actor. No one did. Spyros revealed this evidence on the 24th September 2017 also at The Leicester Square Theatre in his one man show. 
The record shows that Santilli wasn't even in Los Angeles at the filming, contrary to what the Ant and Dec film purports.

Their story says it was Gary and Ray who did this. Totally made up and untrue.  

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The Small Beam shown here is upside down