‚ÄčThere was a third film which showed a man reading a statement "verifying" his identity as the original cameraman and the source of the footage. This third film was called 'The Cameraman's Statement'. Santilli and Shoefield claimed in the documentary that they had found an unidentified homeless man on the streets of Los Angeles, persuaded him to play the role of the cameraman, and filmed him in a motel.

The truth is, It was Spyros Melaris who found the man and he paid him to play the role. He was under the impression they were making a student film. Spyros made him up using prosthetics, and he directed him with what he had to say.

Contrary to what the Ant and Dec film will have you believe, it was Spyros and Gary Shoefield and not Ray and Gary at all. 

Spyros is the only person who knew the identity of the man 


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A second film was made depicting alien artifacts, This film has become known as 'The Debris Footage'  supposedly showing items recovered from the crash site. These included alien symbols and six-finger control panels, which Santilli describes in the Sky documentary 'Eamonn Investigates: Alien Autopsy', presented by Eamonn Holmes.  Santilli claimed artistic licence of this film. The statement gives the impression that Santilli contributed artistically.  Truth is he didn't contribute at all. 

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The Alien Autopsy is a 17-minute black and white 16mm film released in 1995 depicting a medical examination, dissection or autopsy.  It was released by London-based entrepreneur Ray Santilli. He presented it as an authentic 1947 film depicting the autopsy of the body of an unidentified being.  The general thrust of the release was that the film originated in Roswell, New Mexico, and as such it was dated as manufactured in 1947. All conclusions lead to the film being associated with the famous Roswell Incident, where it was reported that the US Army/Air force had recovered a 'flying Disc' .  Santilli told the world that the film footage was allegedly supplied to him by a retired military cameraman who wished to remain anonymous.  In 2006 Santilli admitted the film was not authentic. Strangely he described it as a 'restoration' but later said it was a staged reconstruction of footage he claimed to have viewed in 1992, apparently that film had deteriorated and become unusable.  He claimed that a few frames from the original were embedded in this new film, but he has never specified which ones.  In 1995, before being exposed as a hoax, the film was sold to television networks and broadcast in more than 33 countries and positioned as genuine 1947 film.

 SPYROS MELARIS - 'The Alien Autopsy' Film

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he filmed, and he shared this knowledge with a live audience at London's Leicester Square Theatre on 24th September 2017. 

Santilli never admitted that Spyros Melaris was the man who not only lead the team who made all of these films, but that he was also the designer of all the elements, the creature, the debris including the special language depicted on those pieces. The truth is Spyros was Writer, Producer, Director, Cameraman, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Prop Builder and the Editor of all three films .

My Good friend John Humphreys a very talented artist, sculpted the body of the Alien. After he sculpted the body, He made a mould and cast the body in latex and expandable foam. Together we made internal organs and made-up the body. We also made the items for the Debris footage from my designs. 

Ray Santilli did nothing but to sell the film to very keen buyers around the world.

Spyros and his team were signed up to a non-disclosure agreement and were sworn to secrecy until Santilli told them he had recouped his investors initial money. We had no way of knowing when he had recouped, and he never told us.