A Digital Business Card is an extension of your

existing paper cards.

When you show your clients the special QR code for your Digital Biz Card, they will feel compelled to scan the code, because it is fun and engaging.

Anything interactive is a bonus when one is selling anything.

The idea is unusual and spikes curiosity and interest. Once everyone is familiar with QR codes, it will be second nature to scan and explore their contents. Your clients will show your card to their friends and contacts! 

​When a customer asks you for your business card, simply ask them if they have a QR reader on their phone. If they don't, help them download one there and then, It literally takes less than a

minute to download.

The bonus is that you

have now shown

them what QR codes

are, and you can

easily send them

special offers in the

future without the

need to print flyers

or brochures etc.

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How it Works

Check out "What Are QR CODES" We provide you with three different ways to access your digital business card. The first is a link like this one www.DigitalBiz.Cards/georgia-melaris.html  You can easily e-mail, text or WhatsApp your link to your clients.

If they have a QR scanning App as described above, they simply scan your personalised QR code. We can also provide you with your own direct domain name such as www.HECTA.foundation (actual clients address, try it!)  

The QR Code can be on your phone as a photo, or printed on your regular business card or a sticker etc. Once scanned the QR code loads all of your details ON THEIR PHONE. They can lose your paper card, destroy it, forget it at home etc. But their Digital Biz Card will be there always. Your clients can even share your Digital Biz Card easily.