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Access your digital business card two ways. By a conventional link like this one www.DigitalBiz.Cards/georgia-melaris.htmlor a personalised QR code. 

With your Digital Business Card, you can also get a special QR code that you can add to your paper business card, and put on your phone's wallpaper or just as a photo.  (see "what are QR Codes")

​​​your business needs to be contacted. 

paper business cards get lost, go out of date and have limited capacity Use your digital biz cards along with your paper cards...

digital BIZ CARDS AREn't the future, they are here and now.

A Digital Business Card can either replace your existing paper cards, or it can live alongside them.

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​​HOW IT WORKS - it's like a mini website across all media

Your clients can share your Digital Biz Card as often as they like, and still have a copy themselves.

​Long after they have lost, destroyed or even given away your paper card, the Digital Biz Card will always be there.