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17 year old, Jack Evison, has excelled at drama,

and most of all, his love of dance.  Jack persisted through

adversity, being bullied at school and his mother's fight with Cancer have all played their part.  Against the odds, Jack has won a scholarship to ​study musical theatre at CPA, the performing arts school in Essex.

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Although Jack and his dream team, through their fund raising efforts have been able to get him this far. He still needs to raise money to cover future costs mainly for accommodation in London.

Jack was a pupil at Tina Counsell school of dance and drama in Weston for 12 years. He completed his GCSE's at Priory Community School, in Worle. Jack moved to London in September 2017 to attend college for the duration of a three-year course. 


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"This literally means the world to me, it has been my dream and all I have ever wanted to do. I live to dance. I am determined to succeed, this is my dream and I will do whatever it takes to make it.”