'The Alien Autopsy'.

by Spyros Melaris.

'So you want to meet an alien'.

By Nabil Shabam

Alien Autopsy Fact Files

Alien Autopsy Fact Files

'Town Meeting - Reality or Hoax'.
With Ken Shram. By Fisher Broadcasting Inc.

'Alien Autopsy, Fact or Fiction'.

First broadcast by Fox TV - by Kiviat Greene Productions.

'The Tent Footage' (chapter 5)

​By Keith Bateman.

'Roswell - The investigation continues'.

​By Spyros Melaris

Welcome to the accompanying website to the book 'Alien Autopsy, the greatest hoax of all time'.

Many of the clips shown here are old and rare. Therefore the quality in some cases is not as good as we would have liked. The content however is priceless.
Please use this site to cross-reference items that you are interested in
as mentioned in the book.

Please check back soon, as new items will be added regularly.