"I had two sessions with Tanya - one on confidence and the other one on abundance. I struggled with the former and thought that I lacked the latter in many areas of my life. Both sessions were incredible and, what is most important, brought the expected results. What was so special about them? First of all, I felt very safe around Tanya - she is a kind, warm and approachable person who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. She patiently explained the whole hypnotherapy process to me as I had no prior experience with it. After the sessions I received recordings and instructions from her what I was supposed to do next. She also checked in with me in the meantime to find out how I was doing. I believe that hypnosis is a powerful and positive experience but only if you are in the hands of an expert who Tanya undoubtedly is.

I do recommend Tanya as a RTT specialist as her sessions have had real and great impact on my life. Thank you Tanya!"

Justyna Kapusta, London, UK

​​​​Rapid Transformational Therapist & Hypno Coach

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